Mobile Legends Hack – How to get unlimited Diamonds

Mobile legends is one of the very most engaging online arena based role-playing games on the mobile platform. The game can be played on multiple devices such as iOS and Android. In the game players are able to battle other players online by creating a team of the best 5 warriors they choose. Sometimes the game can be difficult, you can always get help from our tool: Mobile Legends Hack.

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The goal of mobile legends is to capture enemy bases while simultaneously defending your base from incoming enemy attacks. Whichever player manages to succeed will win the battle! The game is designed to be enjoyed by people of all age groups. Mobile legends has amazing graphics and a very user friendly control system.

Below you will find some of the reasons that make Mobile Legends the best MOBA game that is currently available:

Classic mode:

In classic mode, players are put together in teams where one team plays the defensive role and the other team takes the offensive role. The offensive team has to destroy enemy bases while the defensive team will need to create a plan to defend against the enemy attack.

5 vs 5 Battle mode:

Players are grouped automatically with other players and pitted against another team of 5 players, when the game begins you need to get to your enemies base and take out their turrets that are in the way of your final goal. The Final goal is to destroy the base of your enemy before they destroy your base.

Hero Selection:

There are many different heroes to explore, each hero has a unique quality which makes it an asset in battle. Be sure to choose carefully! Looking for brute force? You will then choose a hero such as Balmond or Akai panda warrior. If you are looking for more magic based heroes you will choose warriors such as; Aurora, Cyclops, Alice etc. They all belong to mage clan. You can also pick elite heroes that have unmatched skills such as; Franco, Frozen warrior, Johnson, Mustang etc.

Time Trials:

Time trials are one of the most popular modes in the game, two teams face each other for a selected amount of time i.e 10 minutes. If one player dies they respawn in 10 seconds. There is a scoreboard that states the number of kills each team as, when the game ends the team with the most amount of kills is declared the winner! Rewards are given out to people who manage to kill the most people in the battle. Although you can easily use Mobile Legends Hack to get those same rewards.

Battle Gear:

Gear in Mobile legends provide heroes with new amazing abilities and can even make them stronger! Important gear that you can use to improve your character include; Blood thirsty kind, Brute force breastplate etc. If you do plan on buying something that will inflict more damage to your opponent you can then buy Bloodlust axe, wind chaser etc. To boost your speed and mana you would then purchase Arcane boots or eternal scepter. To be able to buy any battle gear you want in game try out Mobile Legends Hack, enjoy!



Mobile legends is unlike any other MOBA game. Most phone MOBA’s have difficult controls, separate keys are assigned different tasks etc. In this game you can control character movements easily with two fingers, you can control the movement with only one finger while the other finger is used to control the actions. These simple controls make the game easy and enjoyable to play. Which is why Mobile Legends is one of the most famous MOBA phone games.


Strategy & Alliances: 

Strategically design and build your team of heroes by selecting warriors or heroes from different clans, it is also an advantage to use heroes from different clans to obtain a diverse set of skills on your team. For example, Mage can do strong damage in ranged based combat as well as healing other players, where as a hero from warrior clan will have the ability to do more damage in close range combat but can be ineffective for ranged combat. Always remember to assemble a team of warriors that have a different set of skills so you are ready for everything in battle!


Free to play:

The most amazing part of the game is it being free to play, this means you can download Mobile Legends and play for free on any mobile device. The game it’self is play to win rather than pay to win, the game chooses a winner based on your performance. It isn’t free to buy diamonds, but don’t forget that our Mobile Legends Hack is always free and ready to use!

Wan’t to see how you fair at Mobile Legends? Below are some very important items that you need to know about the game:


Coins and tickets:

Obtain tickets in the game by doing jigsaw puzzles, coins can be earn when you destroy enemy defense unites. Tickets can be redeemable in store for special items that can not be obtained any other way, where as coins can be used to buy temporary upgrades including shields, power ups etc. You need to focus on earning these, they can help you gain an advantage over your opponent in game.


Battle Points:

These are the main currency in the game. They are rewarded to players upon winning or losing battles, the mount of battle points awarded is based on how well you do in the arena. This currency is also often used to buy heroes as well as hero skins from the game shop. Every hero comes with different skins, when you purchase them you unlock new powers and upgrades. These points can also be obtained when you level up in game. Battle points can be generated with Mobile Legends Hack



Diamonds are the most important currency in Mobile Legends, they are rarely received in game, only when you level up. You can use diamonds to buy many things including Special items or heroes that can not be purchased with battle points. You can also purchase normal skins and heroes using diamonds, so if you do not have enough Battle points you can use Diamonds to purchase them. Having an abundance of diamonds gives you a huge edge over other Mobile Legends players. You can generate diamonds by using Mobile Legends Hack.


In conclusion, Mobile Legends is an amazing and addictive MOBA game. We recommend you give it a try on iOS or Android!

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